Live, Yourself

Director: Heba Yousry

Producer: Mostafa Youseef

Produced by: Seen Films

Short fiction, approx 35''


The scent of reality always haunts us till we think it is eternal. Your grandmother with her high voice and swift movements. The smell of her food, her perfection, prayers, and neighbors. As the end moment comes, the voices stop, and the smells. Realities break in the moment of departure, so you spend the rest of your life looking for this warmth, to recreate this reality over again.

Each one of us keeps a special memory: mine is of my grandmother, the most capable person ever lived. In all of her actions she created life for us and she was able to run right about everyone's lives, family and neighborhood. Everything she did was a reality, and everything she said was a command. This is a film about her.