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Homemade Stories

2022, 71’, documentary, Dir: Nidal Al Dibs

As the revolution turns into war; Nidal, a Syrian filmmaker, is forced to leave the country. He locks his Damascus home door and travels with his wife and daughter to Cairo, at the time celebrating a successful revolution. He is invited by friends to open an old cinema theater which they are about to renovate. 

Nidal, whose refuge in Cairo keeps extending indefinitely longs for his home and city and finds refuge in navigating personal family home videos and memories as he discovers a new space: an old locked cinema in the heart of Cairo. He attempts to make a film about longing to his home by filming the cinema, to tell a story of hope. Perhaps also of despair.

The Mulberry House

2013, 65’, documentary, Dir: Sara Ishaq

Sara grew up in Yemen to a Yemeni father and a Scottish mother, and at age 17, finally decided to move to Scotland.

Ten years later – 2011 – Sara returns to Yemen as a different person, geared up to face the home of her past and reconnect with her long-severed roots. But against all personal expectations, she returns to find her family and country teetering on the brink of a revolution.

Sound from the Hallways

2012, 25’, no dialogue, hybrid art/documentary, Dir: Lasse Lau

The film documents the atmosphere of one of the most classic and visually dense collections on display in the world before its buildings and modus operandi becomes history.

Sound from the Hallways revisits history of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to challenge concepts of historicism and museology, from a time of the early 20th century when history was still seen as universal, and man believed in its abundant truth, to a time where several histories and narratives challenge each other for the semblance of reality.